R: 8
C: 8
L: 8

Good stuff all around. Didn't even have to do a full bag and felt nice and legs lasted for hours. I would get this again

---- Reader submission from P. 


Anonymous said...

Every time I see that one bag got somebody decent, I really get curious about their tolerance. I know the shit that goes around here normally takes me 4 or 5 bags to even really feel, let alone get high, but my friends with no tolerance can do a couple bags and be puking. Mention your tolerance people!

-Mr. B

EVE said...

That's a pretty good point. I'm a 6-7 bag shot so I take everything with a grain of salt.

Unknown said...

Im a 5bag errytin n 3of those did better than any i can reme.ber

The Raging Black Crow said...

Level 9 is the best shit you can get in south south bk, omg memories of this stmpa last summer got me reckless. is it dead now?