Pittsburgh v/a SteelMonkey/USA/007/Bugatti/NETFLIX

"I've been keeping up with your blog for probably the past 6-9 months now. I love seeing all the different stamps you get and reading the reviews--it's pretty legit! We've come across the same stamps a few times which is crazy because I cop in the Ford City/Pittsburgh area. Anyways here's a few stamps I've picked up the past few months."
 Steel Monkey was amazing! Fat an fire as fuck 7.5/10
USA not too bad, not as good as the monkeys though still a solid 5/10.
007 eh, same dope as the USA's 5/10.
"NETFLIX were Grade Fuckin A for sure. Count wasn't great but it also wasn't bad so 7.5/10. As for the Bugatti, (the stamp was ugly and smeared) the quality was good. Possibly the same dope as Netflix so still a 7/10."
--Anonymous reader submission from Pittsburgh, PA. 


Anonymous said...

What's up with those "Theraflu" bags in Pittsburgh supposedly cut with fentanyl?

CASH$$$ said...

The theraflus are fire! All I got to say hah

Lil_Ant said...

^ Agreed. Them theraflu's were the fuckin bomb haha.

Anonymous said...

had that steel monkey in feb/march down here in NC. Not too shabby and a nice rush. This is along with other preprints like Venom and they're all decent - a go to when the best of the best can't be had.