"Howdy! I took a chance and bought 3 bundles of this GARBAGE at full price and I am pissed!!! I wasn't feeling well at all and needed a pick up and it took everything to just feel ok. Prob Placebo.
Why do people think they can crush up pills and whatever the fuck there doing and call it heroin? Selling niks for $10 and its GARBAGE!! Shame on me, really. I'd hang these fucktards by there toenails if I could.
Dont buy "Perfect 10"; it's perfect shit!"
Rush: 0
Count: .03
Legs: 2      
"This is something you all should run from..and I could go on, but I won't!" 

LAZY BOY is decent smack but not great by any means. Gets the job done but if you want to go for a swim forget about it. lol"
Rush: 3 
Count: maybe a .04
Legs: Decent 6
"Overall decent shit. My area / connect is always changing so it's tough to find the double whopper with cheese and keep it. My faith is running low and my tolerance high. Not a good mix at the moment.--Peace"

--anonymous reader submission from Teaneck NJ

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Anonymous said...

Those aren't great photos but it looks like those bags are re-taped. Looks like whoever is selling you that crap is dipping into your bags and replacing them with God knows what. Don't accept that garbage....there are plently of good dealers who won't screw you.

happy Hunting,