"I Also have a review of Happy Hours. I think this is the successor to Taxi but can't be sure. OK junk, in my opinion. Count (on scale) is high because of the tape and baggy and whatnot but it's still a lot of powder..."


--reader submission--thanks P!


Anonymous said...

I sent this review. Bought a second batch of this and the count was horrible. I guess they had to stretch out the last of their product. AVOID at all costs.

Gledwood said...

Hi I found your blog the other day. We don't have artwork on our gear here, like you said elsewhere it seems to be an exclusive phenomenon of NYC and surrounding areas. Looking at all those empty bags kind of made me depressed...I once went back to this friend's house where I stayed for about 2 years and asked, out of the £1000s I had used in gear whilst there, didn't I ever drop anything, forget anything, leave just one single bag behind? Answer no, of course. (When I have mislaid heroin in the past I have known all about it and wasn't at all surprised when it turned up weeks later).
Well I can't be a preachy ex-junkie because I still am a junkie. (What would I preach about, anyhow?)
Good luck to you

Gledwood said...

ey what has happened to you i'm here wishing ya a happy new year 2014
when i hope we both get all the drugs we need