BEAR (Koala/Panda) "Nitro" (Camden, NJ)

"Well, well, well... Down at the market, some of the 'elders' recommended a somewhat obscure little brand, that acts like  a stick of dynamite. It is locally called "NITRO", because of it's potency. The bag has what looks to be a Panda Bear on it. (China White? hint hint)  Also, reminds me a lot of the Grateful Dead bear. It is THE WHITEST H powder I have ever seen. I must say, upon first contact with new gear, I test the waters. Just a line. Wait...and see whats what. So, this time, the bags were looking quite light, so I figured, blow the whole bag to test it! Wow... what the hell happened!?!? About 5 minutes, I guess, I felt this warm, gettting warmer pressure in my head, like it was gonna explode... Then, the warmth was working its way down to even my toes. From snorting. A VERY noticeable lack of bitterness intensity, very CLEAN is my best way to describe this stuff. I got such a serious nod from that ONE little bag... I just did a second (I usually blow 3 of "good gear" to get a little nod) about 4 hours later. My girl asked for a bump before she left, so the bag was 1/3 or so light. This stuff really is ass kickingly STRONG. I had that same heat building in the head, to toes, then a heavy nod. I thought "GAS" was strong!! It was said to be back, and we went to the block where the GAS boys were to grab some. We got sidetracked by this 'hood elder'. He KNEW the deal! Thats the BOMB stuff, but was a tannish powder. When he told of the "NITRO", we were of course skeptical. Very VERY deceiving, with the cute bear, and no type."
"This is certainly one to WATCH OUT for. You WILL go to sleep from too much.  (BE CAREFUL!)"
R: 5? ? ? ?
C: 2
L: 6+ maybe?
(overall) Strength: 9+
---reader submission from Camden (thanks Kev)


D. Marks said...

Def the best Ive had in the last year or so...nice n whyte

Unknown said...

Can you give me a hint to wher this is cause north Camden's stuff has been nothing but a waste of money

Anonymous said...
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E.V.E. said...


Anonymous said...
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