BADA BING/Bada Been (Camden, NJ)

"This is my first submission/review, so I'll give it a shot... No pun intended! :P  This is whats happenin' here in South Jersey. We're talkin' Camden. Tried to hook up with the regular boys, but there's been a lot of Metro activity, so everyone keeps it moving. No "GAS", the usual BOMB material out here... So, with GAS missing from door #1, we went to door #2, and were able to get what was said to be 'some fire, son', named "BADA BING". Very fat, SSB (small square-bag) Classic Philly style Double-Seals; Very potent. Highest quality since "GAS". This material is grayish-tan ultra-fine powder. No bangin' it here. Just goes thru the nose! Very clean, and real strong. Count is excellent." 

"Something strange, (see photo below), one of the bags was named "BARA BEEM". Exact same material, didn't even notice this till we got back... I wonder if they was tryin to just do a play on words, as they sure didn't give any 'Play' on the order... ;) I mean, I could see them namin it along the same lines 'bada bing - bada boom' or something, so it's still a mystery! Figured you might get a laugh out of this. Gonna be giving another update soon. Material called "KISS". We shall see...."
Maybe the guy typesetting the stamp was suffering from nod (double) vision? Also, perhaps my mind is totally in the gutter (er..) but doesn't it look like "BARE PEEN" when glanced at?

P.S. These "BADA BING" brands pictured, and the "GAS" (not pictured/unavailable) are currently  reputed to have caused many a hot shot O/D, so Be careful!!
Thanks for this awesome blog! Peace..."
R: n/a
L: 8+
C: 9

---reader submission from Camden, NJ (thanks again Kev!) 


Unknown said...

My Bf and I live in the Chi-town area...but he works out of Camden sometimes thru out the year...anyhoo...We went to a friend that helps us out when we are in NJ...and snatched up a good handful of 4 diff stamps, including the 2 mentioned: Bada Bing--Bada Boom--Bara Boom--Bara Beem...All the same Flavor...and btw...These are Def "Fire Son"...so do please be careful

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks, Robenzo... For sure. Just got some "NITRO" today, that is pure WHITE, and, for me a 3 bag sniffer, ONE bag put me ON MY ASS. No joke. Just posted on this. Yeah, this is s e r i o u s... "these can make you delirious...." lol

same author bugatti stingray 3 musketeer said...

this shit fire got it in paterson from dealler who had boom forever for mad long. only dealer i paid extra money to over everyone else threw him an extra dollar per bag cus his was consistently bomb when he ran out he he said he had bada bing we cracked up thinking he was kidding till we copped and saw this name. and then DAM. shits fuegoooo L:8
R:8.75 c:7