Misc. Newark Reviews (no pics--boo!)

Breaking News
- White Glassine with Red Print
Extremely strong and great rush. Lasts for quite a while, the count is substantial. Light Tan mixes up to a golden brown. Copped in South Ward in Newark.

- White glassine with White House Image and "President" Stamped in red. 
Decent Rush and lasting high. Count is pretty standard. Light Tan that mixes up into a dark brown. Gotta take the time to mix it,if you don't it doesn't all dissolve. Not a bad batch at all, been all over the place in South and West Ward in Newark.

We The Party
- White Bags stamped green. Somewhat hard to read.
Strong onset of the rush, doesn't last long though. NIce lasting lingering high though. Somewhat weak count. Literally ALL over the place, got while on vacation in ROCHESTER, NY and NEWARK, NJ. 

-White Glassine with Red Print. Kind of Sloppy
Long lasting rush and Long Legs. Weak Count, but strength makes up for it. Definitely a fan favorite. Legs are real good, keeps me nice long after the last shot.

--reader submissions from NJ: Thanks ek


Anonymous said...

was it 9 in the middle of eleven, like ele9ven

Anonymous said...

Those "We The Party's" we're going around here for quite a while. I'm in Wilmington, North Carolina though. Sounds like the exact same bags, white glassine, green all capitol font reading "We The Party." Decent quality, somewhat small count, depending on who it was copped from.

doctahwho said...

breaking news is the only one on that list that i have come across, and it was really good too. so i completely agree with everything that was said about it.
nice job with the site/blog! seriously, i have somewhere i can check up on stuff thats legit, semi-ok, or straight up gar-bage.
stay safe!!