Paterson's Heroin: Spring and Summer 2014

I have quite the report here . Plenty of stamps out there. In my opinion, the bags in Paterson are going nowhere but up! About four-six weeks ago a great batch of purple stamps came out  and I said it was definitely in my top 5 stamps ever. CRAZY pins and needles every single time, just when I'm satisfied, some blue stuff comes out which I now think personally is the most potent heroin I have ever had .  The point is there is a lot of competition for sales in Paterson now so it's become a war from different dope mills to keep besting each other with better product . This time , they have truly outdone themselves. Good luck to all my fans and readers and I hope this help makes u make a smart safe informed purchase u are happy with! Be safe! I will make 2 more separate posts, the first is for spring and the latter summer, enjoy, safe shooting/sniffing, smart buying, and never get arrested or O.D.!


Anonymous said...

It's good to see this blog continuing despite the passing of its founder.

Rye, do you have any update on what happened to the founder?

Anonymous said...

"Fans," are you serious??!?! LOSER.

Anonymous said...

"Rye, do you have any update on what happened to the founder?"

She was murdered along with her boyfriend and then their home was set on fire. There hasnt been much else released