This stamp comes from a high end, extremely reliable delivery service in W'burg.

"These guys have always had top notch product, but this is package is hands down the best dope I have ever come across. Very fluffy, with a STRONG taste and a lovely off white / light gray color... all of which pointed towards me being in for a treat, but my first sampling *STILL* knocked my socks off and had my nodding out like it was my first time!

I do not IV but I do have a pretty decent tolerance for a sniffer (10 bags daily for the last 2-3 years) If you IV or are just getting into dope, PLEASE be careful with this one - I am not playing about how strong it is!"

Rush: NA (comes on almost immediately when snorted)
Count: 7
Legs: 9 

--anon reader submission from Brooklyn--thanks!


Anonymous said...

Any relation to the FUN CITY (black even letters [different font]) I got from bk today? It's gear, but I usually get perks so I can't really rate it.

Anonymous said...

this stuff was great.
wish I could get it again :(

Anonymous said...

Is this from the old target delivery service?