Hey Jynxie, your girl in the hustle, EVE here. 
CLEAN UP (Immediately thinking of the Barney song is a pretty good litmus test for if you're a child of the 90's) from Brooklyn, delivery again, no specific area (considering open air is pretty much dead & delivery rules, why do people bother with specific areas?) 
Finally, some decent stuff! Really good rush, good legs, my only complaint would be that it might be a bit too "sleepy" but sometimes it's hard to tell if it is the junk or just me, because I am a seriously sleepy bitch, to the point where I'm starting to think if I wasn't so tall I might be the offspring of that snow white dame & her narcoleptic little person lover (because you know she got it on with those seven dudes--but don't google it---It'll just kill your dreams)
Rush - 9
Legs - 8
Count - 10

love & track marks,

--please welcome EVE as a new contributing author! xo jynxie


Clint Easterman said...

hi, never saw cleanup before,,, copped last week in Bpt CT with a known source from a couple yrs ago, when he says he got the fire he is right.
sorry no PIC
stamps bundle of 5 20's for 80.00
marked in red ink PATRON
decent count, whiteish greyish fine powder inside
score - 8's across the board

Anonymous said...

Eve, the multi color text is idiotic. Are you 12 or did the drugs arrest your development?

Anonymous said...

5 20's for 80$?

anyone who says they have dubs on the east coast is just ripping you off mang.

Jynxie said...

Whats so offensive about colored text? lol Are you one of those people who color codes his closet of grey and navy blue hoodies? Hell, I wish I had your free time to be that bored/annoyed by incredibly petty things, too.. but I'd probably be tackling something a little more productive like advancing developments in personal hair removal or categorizing my LP collection.. (alphabetical by artist? define genre? Hey, what happened to my copy of Meat is Murder?..)

Anonymous said...


Stamped bags were phased out in New England in the early 2000s (specifically the Boston area and surrounding..) I'm sure there are still middlemen bringing NYC/NJ product up 95 to flip so I wouldn't be surprised to hear of readers still coming across them up north (at an inflated price no doubt) but the locally run scene is now based around weight and sold in a "twist"--knotted corner of a clear sandwich bag. The last time I spent time in B the weight breakdown was generally a "small" or "40" (half gram) or a full gram for 80 give or take $10 or so. Some would honor smaller orders (ie: dubs) packaged the same way, and weighing between .1 and .25 depending on how generous he was feeling.

Obviously if you are not dealing personally and directly with the connect (ie: a friend scores for you etc..) you should expect to pay a tax/tip to said friend. Just make sure its clear and agreed upon beforehand and everyone should be happy! Also, no matter what your buddy says, If you are copping NYC stamps and are charged more than $10/bag NYC/NJ stamps the "middleman gratuity tax" has already been included so don't be guilted into a hustle! Take care!!

Anonymous said...

Stamps are all over NYC and North Jerz, and they sure aren't more than $6 or $7 a bag. Ppl have soooooo many different stories these days. What I do find is that if I lose a good connect its fucking brutal finding a new one. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I've had these, agree with the rating. However, only when stamped with purple.. They also have black stamp clean ups that are not nearly as good. Be wary.

EVE said...

From now on I'm going to make a point to use multicolored text when writing my name. Just for you, Anonymous :-) Also EMAIL don't post reviews in the comments!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eve.....are these from the Target delivery service? I haven't hit them in months and am curious what they have. HELLBOY and OBLIVION are best around Brooklyn now.

EVE said...

nodzilla if you have questions e-mail

Anonymous said...

Yes in the original story she did get it on with seven dwarves in exchange for diamonds. And her name was Freya.