X-MEN (blue)/BATMAN (green)--Atlantic City, NJ

The following would be my review of said products(50 bags bought total @ $250):

"Lime-Green 'Batman' logo acquired as 40 open-envelopes banded together at the top.
Size: Average 5.5/10
Strength: Very good 7.5/10
Overall: 7.5/10

"Blue 'X-Men' logo acquired as 10-bag bundle

Size: Good 6.5/10
Strength: Very good 8.0/10
Overall: 8.0/10

Please include this information with this submission ASAP.. 
The following "brands" are super-strong in this area right now. 
Those in this area who acquire the following stamps, should be cautious in use as they have been responsible for a small rash of OD's in the area:

Facedown (Black colored "body-outline" logo)
10.Star (Red star logo)
Scorpion (Skyblue scorpion logo)
Murder #1 (Red colored gun logo with a #1 in the handle)
Killa Season (Red colored gun logo)

Till the next package update! :)"

--reader submission from NJ (thanks Diving Horse!)

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Anonymous said...

This is really interesting, I'm in AC and I've never seen any of these... I'll have to look for those names, most of the stamps I've seen lately have been crap. PS- Been to Diving Horse a bunch of times haha