007 (Upstate Edition)

"Purchased in Upstate NY...(January 2013) ladies and gentlemen, 007! This has no "secret agent" in it... but it is definitely good product. Great quality and FAT bags! Almost 2 whole bags in one, therefore it is 20 bucks per bag individually. It is pricey but worth it! Rocky, beige, and delicious! Mixes well and lasts a while."

Rush 8
Count 7
legs 8

--reader submission from NYS--thanks son!

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Anonymous said...

These are around in Pittsburgh. I'm an hour north of Pittsburgh but everybody I know who buys from the city have been picking these up. They are different, the stamp color is green and doesn't have the pistol on the end. They are good. Quantity ranges from 1/2 way to first fold to 3/4.