Post-Sandy Sundries..Pain-in-Ass or Business-as-Usual?

Greetings dear readers,
I hope you are all safe and sound from the terrible storm last week. I lead a pretty quiet life far away out here in the crimson shadow of a "red" state.. I haven't the company of a boob tube for some time so I'm pretty poor at paying attention to the news. When I finally looked up "Sandy" images online I was SHOCKED to say the least. I lived in the East Village during 9/11..watched it all happen from my roof. New Yorkers pulled together pretty miraculously back then..Looking back it was rather inspirational and made me pretty proud to be there and a part of that community.

But this storm is a whole different kind of mess, eh?
The city as a whole was a very different place in 2001.
There were still real people living in the neighborhoods..folks with nowhere else to go.
The blackout in Aug of '03 was.. rather fun? It was a hot summer night and we crawled into the streets like it was Halloween with our sallow cheap flashlights. Perhaps we were simply relieved with the scars of 9/11 so fresh?

Still, I can't help but wonder what you guys are actually dealing with now..
Days and weeks in the dark is not a novel surprise.
A city full of sewerage, sadness, and fear is a volatile one.

How are you faring? Have you hopefully recovered more than you've lost? Is it impossible to get around? Have you missed lots of work? Can you make it to cop? Is there even anything or anyone to cop from?

I wouldn't expect any kind of disaster to totally cripple the drug market in a city so large for much more than a couple days perhaps but this was a big one and I am curious what is going on from "our" perspective.

Be as safe and as well as you can!
It can always be worse. It will usually get better.


Anonymous said...

Williamsburg,Brooklyn was business as usual. No shortages or delays. But God it was nasty and cold!!!

Anonymous said...

Man my connect kind of ran out since the hurricane and hasn't had any since, I also just moved to brookyn so i am new and naive, which can be ok cuz i am forced to say home and not get. But on days like today, i am just really going crazy doing stupid shit trying to score.

I also live in flatbush, which is apparently full of shit or something.

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember Downey or matrix from back in the day in bushwick like 10 years ago, what about this stuff tango from the summer was that outta bushwick. I'm in Cali now but got that tango on a visit home to ny in the summer and it was fire. Get that tar now and its pretty damn good and consistent but nothing beats that fire powder warm rush, that is in the rare case u find fire steay these days right.

Anonymous said...

It actually kind of turned out to be a good thing in Newark, same good shit was out as usual, and with all of the chaos, the power out, and the looters, the cops were way to busy to bother with dope heads. The only problem was dealers not being able to recharge their phone, making it a bit of a wait at times. It was terrible in every other way, my power was out for a week and a half, just telling you how it was from the junky perspective up here in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Verizon was totally fucked in areas effected by the storm, so all of South Brooklyn had 0 bars. I actually was driving halfway through the staten island expresswaywhen I got a text from my connect after 3 days of complete hell in a hurricane-induced cold turkey. It worked out as I had to drive through Jersey, wasting like 30 bucks in fucking tolls and gas, just to get to the bronx in a reasonable amount of time. The city was gridlock chaos but in 99% of the Bronx was as if nothing has happened.
Cell phones worked, power was up, hot water etc. In Northern Manhatan too, for the most part, things were eerily normal, just choked full of traffic with everyone driving...Then I got below 39th on my way home and everything went dead. Every single light had cops at it, just flashing lights not even directing traffic...
Meanwhile in staten island niggers were dressing up as fdny and coned to rob houses at gunpoint...

I think I had like one and a half roxis and a dub monday before it got too bad to go out...then everything went down and I suffered til I could get the fuck out of Brooklyn thursday...I finally got home like 5 hours after I left, blasted 3 bags and passed the fuck out.

Anonymous said...

I was smart and copped day before the storm. Was able to travel from NJ to Williamsburg the day after the storm traveling through Staten Island since the Holland Tunnel was closed for a week.

No issues with supply at all since where I cop In WB & Bushwick wasn't really affected. Hardest part was finding gas.....filled up day after in WB before it got crazy there but was waiting 2 hours + for gas all throughout NJ and all of NYC was fucked a week+ after the storm for fuel. It was actually easier to get quality Dope than gas....that's not a lie!