TARGET (reprise)

Target is trash NOW!!!
huge count but stuff sucks!!!
they changed name to "Body Bag" but it is still horrible!


Otid Driftwood said...

Whoa Bro! Sorry to hear Target has once again turned to sh!t.
They better watch out about using Body Bags name (didn't know if the counterfeited the stamp though), The Body Bag guys are known to play rough, and be be particularly unforgiving.
Thanks for posting the stamp Curtain Lifter, and be careful out there...times are getting tough and it seems like everybody is looking to burn somebody. That is one of the worst parts of being a junkie, they know your need, and your need fulfills their greed.
Wishing you Godspeed and a happy holiday season!
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Jynxie said...
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Anonymous said...

(redacted comments)

curtainlifter said...

i hope that "Target" will get some quality back.
as of spring 2012 they are still in oblivion...

Anonymous said...

Anyone tried the old Target crew lately? Last time I called them they still had Body Bag but said they were getting new stamp called Showtime.

Anonymous said...

As of today I haven't hear of Target crew. Their usual # is disconnected. I guess they decided to change it or closed the operation after they couldn't get any decent product. Since Target bust in august 2011 they never got anything even remotely good and their customers were leaving them in droves.

Anonymous said...

i saw them about a week ago. they changed numbers earlier this year. the body bags are still shit.