"This stamp is called Sons of Anarchy. (It's a) pretty dope stamp and the quality matches. This comes from the BK/queens border near Bushwick and Ridgewood. Dope is a light tan color and it has that nice vinegar smell that good D usually has. Bags are always very good count and probably the best stuff I've gotten lately. 80/bun."

Legs- 8

--Reader submission from Brooklyn (thanks L!)

Note from Jynxie: Conscientious contributor L.  also forwarded along a couple links to warn users about potentially dangerous product making the rounds in NY and PA markets...

  "Hey, I came across this article and seeing as how the blog is for harm prevention I figured you could post this article for the readers to be aware." --Link to CNN story about Fentanyl laced Heroin in the Pittsburgh, PA area HERE

"Also, in NY a stamp called 24K is (reportedly) being laced with Fentanyl and Metamizole and has caused a few deaths in Nassau county." --Read Newsday article HERE.


Anonymous said...

I already posted a comment on this but i thought id do it again so id be more likely noticed. Sorry that this is irrelavant to the sons of anarchy s tamp.anyway, a stamp called fly high in red has bean floating around the williamsburg/bushwick arearea.this stamp is some kind of poison/chemical and has no h in it at all.it made my friend sick to where he was so delirious and had no clue as to what was going on.this stuff also made a whole slew of other users sick and i wouldnt be surprised if it killed some people. According to my friend this stuff smelled very strange,like straight chemicals.it didnt smelled like dope at all,altho it looked like it..stay away from FLY HIGH! This garbage is dangerous poison not dope! People need to know about this stuff so please jinxie,if youre reading this, perhaps u could put up a warning on the front page? Sorry that i didnt send in a review .i dont have a photo of the bag and i know this info second hand from people whove tried fly high.

Anonymous said...

Ive had the Same Sons of Anarchy stamp that ive got in Queens/Brooklyn border. Maybe its the same guy maybe its not. I know now within maybe the past month the Stamps changed to G E I C O or at least from my guy it did. Was wondering if u thought Geico was stronger even tho the quantity seemed less