Copped in Williamsburg, BK...

Best product I have come across in the neighborhood in a while! This connect was formerly slingin' something called "Public Enemy #1" for some time which wasn't terrible but this is far superior. No name or letter on the bag, just an image of an Ace of Hearts (which) I suspect is pre-printed (ie not stamped).
A bit pricey at $100/bun, but a very consistent product nonetheless.
I only sniff so I can't comment on rush but otherwise..
Count: 7
Legs: 6.5
Overall Quality: a solid 7.5

--reader submission from Brooklyn (thanks Avon!)


Anonymous said...

I got this stuff on jan 29 n id give it a 3 overall. Not good at all,just barely takes the sickness off. It was really powdery too and stuck to the bag.no bueno

Anonymous said...

Is this what killed PSH?

Anonymous said...

Thats what they are reporting that it was "ace of spades" and "ace of hearts" . He lived in lower manhattan so id assume he was copping from the LES.

Anonymous said...

Yes this is what they are saying killed him.

Anonymous said...
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