OZONE (Lakewood, NJ)

"Here is a ticket called "OZONE" (2 pics enclosed)
These showed on the plate (scale) that they averaged 35-45 mg.'s each. Already off to a bad start....
These are from Lakewood, NJ and were a fair count for the brick, but the price was ridiculous, and the quality was absolutely utterly poor. Not one moment of enjoyment to be had, unless tolerance is beginning to rear it's ugly face.
Darker brown, bitter flaky and chunky pseudo-powder, tastes like the real thing, but didn't NOT even get the slightest buzz. I wonder if these were well prepared 'dummies'. I just don't know.... Avoid. Totally. "

R: n/a
C: 6
Q: 1

--reader submission from SoNJ (thanks Kev!)


Anonymous said...

I can't tell if its the camera, but was the stamp blue? I had the red ones out of Newark and wasn't too impressed but they got a far better review from what you posted.

Anonymous said...

The type was in a greenish-blue; more green than blue.