August v/a Rundown (Camden, NJ): I-Dope/Bring A Friend/No Parking/USDA

"The following stamps are all from Camden, NJ and ALL of them are Philly-style Double-Seals, with the small square bags in an outer mini-ziploc bag. Good for keeping greedy hands from screwing with the cookie-jar. ;)
All stamps were weighed, net and gross, on a micro-gm scale, just for the hell of it! 
(And, to see how badly we are being ripped off....)"

"First up is a stamp named 'I-DOPE'. (2 pics)
Count is so-so, around 40-50 mg.'s each. A LONG way off from the "Industry Standard" of 1 point each. (A "point" is .1/g or 100mg.'s)
Quality was decent. Nice, grayish white soft powder. Acceptable potency. Nice nod after hoovering 3 of these rascals. "

R: n/a
C: 5
Q: 7

"Next up is a stamp called 'BRING A FRIEND'. 
Nice count (all things considered), around a half-point each (50mg.'s +/-) GREAT potency, and LONG-LASTING feel-good high and nod! Quite energetic, too, if I do say so myself. My favorite of this assortment."

R: n/a
C: 7
Q: 8

"Next up we have one I have encountered a few times called 'NO PARKING'. 
Count was very depressing for $10 per bag. Lucky if each bag had 25 to 35 mg.'s. Folks, this is UNACCEPTABLE!! That is a pathetic 1/3 of a POINT!! I mean, WTF?!?! Such GREED in Camden as of late, as well as numerous other unspeakable dramas....good grief!
Quality was GOOD, but not near that of BRING A FRIEND."

R: n/a
C: 3
Q: 6

"Finally, we have a rather unique Camden stamp. 'USDA' and Logo in red ink on a small white square bag.
These were the largest of the four, containing on average nearly 60-80 mg.'s each. Now, THATS more like it! 
This was some really nice, fluffy off-white powder, that hoovered very deliciously. A very gentle, and clean high, with an air of energy to it.
I really enjoyed these."

R: n/a
C: 8+
Q: 7+

Kev from SoJ out..... 

--Once again, many thanks to Kev for the stellar submission! xo jynxie

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