theTouristJunkie: Chicago IL

Minizip sourced from Chicago, IL., run on foil.
---reader submission (thanks \m/)


Anonymous said...

how do you get it to slide like that?! when I do it, I get one hit and that's it, from a full bag, about the amount pictured :(

Anonymous said...

apply a very thin layer of butter before pouring the powder. then while putting the fire, incline the foil a little, and it will roll

Anonymous said...

hey thats some dirty looking gear .. i'm over in the u.k. near liverpool ..

i've been smoking over 20yrs and rarely see smack so dirty as that lol

i wouldnt mind getting my naughty little paws on some of that fent-a-gear tho :)

long time fan of your blog jynxie !!

~~~ big love from over the water ~~~