"Unleashed from Brooklyn (no specific area, delivery service). From the makers of hellboy. Good rush, not-so-great legs, but overall solid stuff. Not anything to write home about but probably the best you're gonna do for Brooklyn right now. Decent amount in each bag. I wish I could get a hold of some fire shit, or at least find someone who will sell one/two bags instead of these bundle or nothing dudes. Arghhhh. WHERE are the open markets in NYC anymore?*

Rush - 7
Legs - 6
Count - 8

 *ed note: Even NYC's grittiest sepia shadows have become simply annotated captions of a 2013 Times Square caricature artist's "portrait du desespoir": days of yonder. BY MEMORY! The last 2 decades have humored the "war on drugs" expansion to encompass any and all related ephemera within the free market-meets-lordoftheflies methodology that spurns urban economy/hustle, perhaps by exploiting its inherent cycles of decay and rebirth. While the "forces that be" fill their quotas by schlepping vanloads of sweaty, tired, private citizens who unwittingly shat a little too close to where they dined that day.. (and then shit ON themselves while waiting for a bed in the holding cell to wallow in. ;happens to the best of us, duh.;) Naturally, the advent of cellular phones, SMS messaging, winks and nods, carrier pigeons, and Scientologist sea-org interns on the block has changed its modus operandi. Check out this thread for some proper chatteringjunkboxes on the topic: NYC? Is Open Air Dead?

"Also I need reader/your help. I've copped some weird dope lately that is cut with something STRANGE. The dope is super gritty, like sand, won't dissolve well, and almost turns into a paste (!!??) when mixed with water. Milky yellow color. My dealer friend said maybe pills. I don't have a photo but it comes in a red bag, no stamp. I only get it when I'm desperate as it's usually crap. Any ideas? Anyone know about this shit?"    ----Yours as always, EVE

-- Drywall dust? Enfamil, quinine, GMC BootyBuilder2000 Protein Powder.. and drywall dust? I implore y'all: if your "dope" is not water soluble, and even so far as does not appear reasonably CLEAR in its final solution after dilution, a little heat/agitation, and proper filtration.. PLEASE DO NOT INJECT SUCH A SOLUTION INTO YOUR BODY! xxxJynxie

--reader submission from Bklyn/LES (thanks to the lovely EVE)

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Anonymous said...

Trying to figure out how to post a review , but I gotta say White Tiger (green ink pic of tiger ) is the strongest I've gotten in BK in a while, if you see it be careful not to over do it