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It's come to my attention that some readers who are viewing the site on mobile browsers may not be able to see the updates and information on the sidebar. I thought about remedying this by moving that content to menued page--I still may?  But in the meantime here is the info you may have been missing---including where to send stamp review submissions!

This blog is by no means an advocate for the sale or purchase of illegal drugs. It is meant solely to provide a brief archive of a complex market and product that can often be dangerous.We believe strongly in the philosophy of -HARM REDUCTION-amoung recreational drug users and addicts alike.                 INFORMATION AND EDUCATION SAVES LIVES! BE CAREFUL EVERYONE!
We are always acceptingSUBMISSIONS for publishing via the email address below. Reviews of products that may have harmful cutting agents or are ofunexpected potency(leading to a higher risk of overdose or illness..)are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!  
          Contact Jynxie: littlesnappingturtle (@)GMAIL.COM
UPDATE 2013: I am no longer a regular patron of the market, but I am still hopeful to provide regular posts so please~CONTRIBUTE~ and help to keep this archive alive! Photos with OR without reviews are welcome. Your submissions will always be anonymous and regular contributors may eventually be given posting privileges if theydesire!
         COMMENTS ARE OPEN TO ALL--but please! --PLAY NICE--and remain mindful of yours others anonymity.
-          ALSO kindly keep in mind that: SOLICITATION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
           *DO NOT* post your contact info in the comments looking for


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