"This stamp is called "Law & Order". This stamp comes from the same guys that were doing Tapout, formerly Dr. Pepper formerly 7-UP. I sometimes see Tapout around, but it's not the same as it used to be and now all the guys who were selling Tapout are selling Law & Order. The bags are fat. Its beige, a little flaky and has the same "Benzo" taste that Tapout had. Though it burns a little bit after using for a prolonged period of time and is starting to really hurt my nose when sniffing, it's still pretty decent stuff."
Location: Brooklyn (Williamsburg)
Rush: 7
Count: 8.5
Legs: 7
-Reader Submission from Brooklyn - (K-Man)
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Anonymous said...

Get these upstate real good solid 7 alltoghter the legs are the best part about these bags. only prob they taste lke perfume no idea why

Anonymous said...

What's up jynxie found this blog thru vice magazine trying, to find something similar to ecstasydata.com for h.....by the way nice layout. Im from long island bout 30 mins from queens had this shit about a montb ago straight fire best quality in a whie as for the burn i dont mind (i snort) i did get wack law and orders but they were the skinny bags the wide ones r legit tho

Anonymous said...

Law and Order is all i get in Queens but in my personal opinion i think it has gone down in quality since switching over from Tapout....just my 2cents