Louis Vuitton (LV)

Quality: 8
Legs: 7

"Name: Louis Vuiton (just the LV logo stamped [by hand] across the front of the bag. individually taped bags. (like philly bags) Overall this is my favorite lately. I heard from a bird that a big supplier got popped last night. I do not expect to see it again and I will say no more on that topic.
This is how the count looks on the LV bags. Not bad- but like I say, these look like philly bags- they are smaller than normal brooklyn bags (aka kung fu panda above, its a traditional bk size bag..)"

-reader submission from Brooklyn 


curtainlifter said...

WOW !!! Those are nicely filled bags! You don't see many of those in NYC anymore...
That's proper NY bag of ECP like I used to get in Bushwick in the 90's.

curtainlifter said...

btw they don't look much smaller that normal brooklyn bag. How's they small? They look exactly the same as those PANDA bags...normal NYC size.
We don't get those narrow Philly sized bags here in brooklyn at all. At least I haven't seen them.

CITP said...

the panda bags were bigger for sure. the vuitons were probably 3/4, maybe a bit bigger, the size of the pandas.

and yes, they were nicely filled. they have dropped the count a bit now though.

Anonymous said...

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