The Glassine Menagerie (a readers vignette)

"And now on to the variety show, not fully intentional but the best photos came out with a variety of other substances that ran in and photobombed the photo and I just couldn't fucking stop them. 
Im sorry. 
Here we have an eight ball of fish scale blow.. Absolute quality there. Comes from the best source that I will not name, because I am just writing all of this from a paper I found with these strange photos and it doesn't say. Anyway, then top let we have 11-13 8m suboxone for the emergency rations kit, then we got some 20 30mg mscontins and some 2mg klonopins..Then we got two bricks of quality grade a+ dope. A mixed bag of unlabeled while glassine, and the stars party bags. Then more klonopin. Then two different types of good herb.


Next photo- a hand full of morphine and a closer shot of the bricks of party bags and white bags. Both these bricks were healthy and from what I read on the note- there are no complaints."

--anonymous reader submission (Brooklyn) 

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