Today I finally got myself to make that long awaiting trip to Newark. It took only 40 minutes from 34th street. I must say that I got the pretty reliable connect there. However when i called him from Newark Penn Station he said that he won't be around until like 8 pm. So I had about 2.5 hours to spare. I decided to visit infamous Pennington Court projects. Walking there was easy, one question from the local and I was on the way there. The neighborhood was NOT completely ghetto it was actually mix of Brazilians,Mexicans and Russians. Being Russian I had very good excuse for being there. When I made it there I was instantly approached by five touts very crack head/junkie looking types. Among the crowd was one or two genuine dealers that promptly gave me their numbers. However within minutes huge argument erupted who is serving me and that kind of stuff. First when i asked for stamp name tout told me it is "Tiger Woods" but when he disappeared into the projects for a minute and came back with the bundle of "Rush". Having very bad experience with "Rush" back in Brooklyn I said that i don't want it. He seemed a bit pissed but made another trip and came back with 6 bags of one kind and 4 bags of another. By this time situation was becoming a complete zoo and i decided to get out of there as fast as i can.
I said I will pay $80 and then there was another crack head/junkie tout  who said he can do it for $70, argument started to blow up, so not to attract police or any other unwanted attention i took my mixed bundle and left. As I was leaving tout had an audacity to ask me first for $10 and then for a bag. To what i said "NO WAY!" and he didn't object.
Before this trip knowing that Newark can be quite dangerous and stuff so to calm my nerves in the unknown territory I consumed 3mg of Klonopin. It made me very relaxed but also a bit disoriented and I have a tendency to pass out in very unpredictable situations. I run into light pole, nod out while crossing street, etc.
Klonopin in such amounts can be very dangerous since you cannot control when and how you will nod out.
So finally with my dope stashed well I walked into Newark Penn station. Oh God ! This terrible thing happen I happen to nod out while checking out arrival departure display board. Only for a second I thought. Next thing i know this burly cop grabs my arm and tells me to come with him... I will not go into details of unbelievable harassment and abuse NJ cops subjected me to, but at the end I was given citation for "loitering with purpose of obtaining illegal drugs" !!! In Newark Penn Station no less! I did not know they sell it right there, then I wouldn't go to Pennington Court for shit.
But anyway I thank God everything worked out fine since I have an unpaid fine in NJ from 2001, that constitutes warrant isn't it? I was already imagining myself in county jail and whole nine yards.
Now about dope. First mistake I think I made is buying from those numerous touts that hang around Pennington court. But then it is difficult to distinguish who is working for one of the dealers and who is just trying to make a quick couple of bucks.
Then from what I know Newark bags are $6 and they should be because the stuff I bought was EXTREMELY small (maybe about 1/4 New York bag). I think I should have waited for the dealer that i was given phone number of. I will never deal with hangers on, touts or any shady elements who hang out by the projects. I never do it in New York, ever!
Quality was also mediocre, so overall trip to Newark dope heaven was total disappointment. Abusive cops, shady people, small bags of lousy dope. What about that Newark fire everyone talks about??? Please...where did i go wrong?
(reader submission--thank you A)


Anonymous said...

Cops arresting a dopehead and letting you off easy.... sounds like a real abuse of power...

Anonymous said...

It's Newark. Unless you have a ton of dope on you or a gun or something, they are busy. And Newark does have fire, but you have to know where to go. Lately the best stuff had been coming from the projects off Springfield on Hunterdon, but they just got shut down. They had that good 'silly dope' (some other guys copied the stamp and have garbage) and 'Angry Birds', which is even better than the Silly Dope. Now you have to look around a bit, but its out there. Try Springfield Ave or go all the way down 18th and youll find some good shit.

Anonymous said...

lol going to pennington court is where u went wrong. they either try to beat u & take ur money or push off some garbage dope.