"9Lives" I finally got my hands on it. This is the best that Brooklyn has to offer. Beautiful light beige powder that dissolves clearly into cola colour. Well above average count, smooth rush, great legs and most importantly it made me nod out like crazy from one bag shot!!! I couldn't keep my eyes open and almost fell off the chair in the book store.
 Beginners beware this is by all means high quality stuff. Weekenders without tolerance can easily fall out from only one bag.
Finally some great real dope, that makes you nod without benzos and keeps you high for hours. I can give it solid 8 for rush, 8 for legs and 9 for count. Look for it because it will surely get stepped on mercilessly very soon. $90 a bundle.
I also need to mention that stamp is purple since there are fakes around.
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Anonymous said...

Also good stuff. I've been lucky & good at always getting the best stuff