Curtainlifter's Adventures in Benzos etc..

It is rainy,cold and gloomy day. I have no money, there is no go dope around.
What can change this dipressing life of opiate addict? If only for an hour or so?
A friend of my wife from high school days visits from FL. Poor guy had terrible car accident a few years back. Now he travels with enormous zip-lock full of prescription mediction bottles. Last night I finally managed to check out those names (he left them on the night stand by the bed). Amoung of bunch of useless crap (high blood pressure, stomach acid reducer) there were only two that caught my attention:
Vicodin 7.5/750 ehh...useless stuff, unless you have absolutely NO tolerance to opiates it will not do anything to you. And shitloads of Tylenol in those (700mg) prevents you from taking a few to get a reasonable amount hydrocodone in your system. It is practically impossible to get opiate high from oral Vicodin, unless you total opiate naive individual.
 Klonopin (clonazepam) is great, it is only 0.5mg though so you need 2-3 of those suckers to feel a buzz. But it really works!!! After one hour of taking them there is incredible lightness of being like you are walking on the moon or something. Problem with those tolerance develops quckly and after only 2 days of using those you don't get the same effect. And after 4 days even five of those won't do shit. Also those Klonopins are long lasting benzodiazepines with 18-50 hours half life. So it is not as powerfull as XANAX but longer lasting. Effects also are very mild, you won't get that total amnesea where you don't recall shit from what had happened in the last 24 hours. That's what XANAX does to you.
April 26,2010
So I took a Vicodin (I have no idea why,I guess it was just there...) and 3 of 0.5mg Klonopins...in about 45 minutes I was extremely chilled out,walking with reduced gravity and a bit of a sleepy thoughts. I liked the feelings a lot and everything seem to entensify when i topped it up with a bag of "Target". Life is great...Klonopin is god.
XANAX horror
To tell you the true I hate benzos. Last time i had an expirience with benzos was at my friend's house in Riverdale,the Bronx (255st). I took ONE 2mg stick of XANAX,shot 2 bags of mediocre dope. Next things i remember: I ask bus driver in the Bronxs to let me in on the bus going to A/C train at 207st...he did. Then I am at the A/C train station asking this lady to swipe me in into the station (if she has unlimited card), she does.
NO memories of actual subway trip from Riverdale to Brooklyn, NONE !!!
Bit of flash memories of me walking in Brooklyn towards my house...
I open my eyes in bed, in my Greenpoint, Brooklyn apartment 10 hours after I departed from Riverdale, The Bronx apartment of my buddy.
Nothing else, not small details, not big details are bring any light into what happened on that 10 mile, 2 hour trip. This is what just ONE 2mg XANAX stick can do to you!!!
Since then I will NOT touch XANAX under any circumstances.
picture: 0.5mg Klonopin

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