(glimpse of the cooker..)
Rush -8

---reader submission from Trenton, THANKS!

DREAM (Pittsburgh, PA)

"What's up, I came across these bags the last couple days from my best connect (who's shit is always good..) Anyway, these bags are called "DREAM" and they are fire---I would rate them as follows..
rush 7 
legs 7  
count 10..they are good for sure!"

---anonymous reader submission from Pittsburgh, PA

RYE's Paterson Stamp Prospectus v/a early'14--(Pt.1)

"Rye here, with a (HUGE!) report of all the Paterson stamps I've come across so far this year. I have plenty of reviews coming so bear with me as this is gonna be a long rundown! Hope all you guys are doing well--stay safe while enjoying yourselves.."

Good d. Always happy to get these bags.

Shitty, not recommended.

Even worse than ROSE. (Same dope but half the size!)

Basically average.



These three stamps are all the same (product) and all very good.


Amazing bag.


Potentially the best bag I've ever had? (Definitely in the 'top 3'..)"

to be continued...! (THANKS Rye!)


SALE/D&G/Dolce&Gabbana--and moar! (Trenton, NJ)

Rush. n/a (snorted)
Quality. 6
Count. 3 
Legs. 6
"This surprised me, I must say. The name was a complete turn off (and the stamp was applied rather poorly) but the product was pretty good! Also, the price was low, but the count/size was terrible. If the bags were a little bigger I probably would have given higher numbers, but it's hard to judge when 2 equal 1 in size."
Rush n/a. (snorted)
Quality. 4
Count. 4-5  all over the place
Legs 4
 "This isn't too good IMO.  It's cheap, but there's much better stuff out there! The high began to subside after about 30 min. (rather then the usual 1-2hr) and the size/weight was all over the place. One of the bags, I swear, had like a single flake of powder in it! It seems like the Trenton guys just don't care at all about consistency...even the packaging seems like it was rushed."

**Ed. NOTE: This fine contributor also included the additional reviews below, sans pictures. If anyone happens to come across corresponding images and wants to send them along I will update!-xJYNXIE-

"Hey, I'm from the Trenton area and am a long time reader of your blog. I was hoping to start giving reviews on what I pick up. 90% of the time it comes from Trenton and 10% of the time it's from Philadelphia. Unfortunately, I trashed all the bags without taking pictures--next time I will first!"

(plain text)
Rush n/a. 
Quality 3.   
Count 5. 
Legs 5.

Pokemon (w/ graphic of pikachu)  
Rush n/a.
Quality 6.   
Count 5. 
Legs 5.

Animal Planet (logo)
Rush n/a.
Quality 5.   
Count 5. 
Legs 5.

Goya (blue bag)
Rush n/a. 
Quality 7.   
Count 6. 
Legs 6.
"Best stuff around here."

TOM FORD (w/ graphic)
Rush n/a.
Quality 6. 
Count 5. 
Legs 5. 

YANKEES (there are 2 different versions going around..)
~One stamp has just the logo and it's straight garbage!
~A second version with logo also includes text "Yankees" and is decent; 5-6 across  the board."

 ---anonymous reader submission from Trenton, NJ

MUSCLE MILK (Pittsburgh, PA)

  "Best stamp I've ever had..(originally copped in 2013)"
"I had these once before when I was still sniffing dope sometime last year, and they were my all time favorite bags. To this day, I always tell people about them, and my friends who did get to do them with me when they came around, we always talk about how nothing has come close to these bags--straight fire! I was so excited when I got these (again) last night, I still can't believe they are back!

LEGS 10 
COUNT 10 (honestly, should be 11--lol) 

Last time I got these they were so fat the whole bottom square of the bag was full and opaque. I'm talking like the dope even went up 1/4 of the way past the first fold and that's how every single bag was, and they are just the same way this time around. I was so excited when I got these last night, I still can't believe they are back!"
"These bags are really powerful, (especially via IV) 
 so please, BE CAREFUL and always do a test shot!" 

"As far as I know there is nothing funny cut-wise in them and I haven't heard of anyone OD'ing on these, but the dope is pretty damn potent, so please, if you come across them, USE CAUTION--even when sniffing!" 
 --anonymous reader submission from Pittsburgh, PA! (thank u!)



"Been getting this stamp for about a month and a half now and have not been disappointed at all. This dealer never lets me down and if I want to be sure to be getting some good gear I go to him. Also (he) does singles and half buns, too, so that's always great. This batch/stamp is hands down worth the money. Great rush every time and gives awesome legs. The count could be a li'l better, though but its not bad."
Legs - 7
"I've been getting these bags now for the past week and a half and like usual (from this connect), it's pretty much garbage and only good enough to keep me sane and feeling normal. Forget about trying to nod or getting any type of rush from this shit (which im sure is probably impossible) The only thing that has me buying stuff off this dealer is the low price (bundles go for $35) You can't beat that, haha." ed note: Or can you..?! :p
Rush -3 
Count - 5

--submission from reader in New Brunswick, NJ

GUN LINE (Pittsburgh, PA)

"I grabbed a brick of these today. These bags are called GUN LINE, they are from the Pittsburgh, PA area, the stamp isn't all that crisp and clear but you can make out the name on some of the better ones , they read gun line with the L in line being a gun which is pretty cool, and these are pretty good bags I would rate them as follows,"
Count 8
Rush 8
Leg 7

"Overall I would rate these a 7.5 all together some of the better stuff going around.
As a side note, I have seen someone else post a review of the KILL BILL stamps. Those ones are the 2nd best I have had in Pittsburgh recently, (the best would be Hell Raisers with a red stamp.) Now with that said, I would put these GUN LINES in 3rd place after those two.

As always be careful and use caution, even if you think you have had this stamp before. Because we have had an outbreak of fatal ODs in the Pittsburgh area, dealers have switched from "Theraflu" to other stamp names to hide the names from the police! Please be careful, it's not worth your life!!"

--anonymous reader submission from PA *thanks for the warning!


"I picked these up in Jamaica, Queens. Hands down the firest fire I've had in years. Was not expecting the explosion of awesome that followed IV administration. Rush was fantastic. Intense nod lasting a good 5 hours. And I even took 2mg of Suboxone 5 hours earlier! I reckon if I hadn't taken that Suboxone, I might be in trouble right now.  If you get your hands on this stamp, be careful! Pretty decent count too."--Cheers
Rush: 9
Legs: 9
Count: 7/8
--reader submission from SIXGUN in Queens.

BLUE PRINT 3 (Pittsburgh, PA)

 "I came across these this past week, as this is what has been going around. (I am in the Pittsburgh, PA area)"
Rush on these is a 7
Leg is a 6
Count is a 6
"Not the best around by far, but will do the trick, and will for sure take you off being sick. As always use caution, as everyone's tolerance is different...Thanks for taking my review."
--anonymous reader submission from Pittsburgh, PA--gracias

SCOOBY DOO (Somerville, NJ)

Somerville NJ
Rush - 7 
Count -7 
Legs - 7 

Good stuff, best I've had in a while from around my way. Rush was great, wasn't expecting it to be a good as it was! Count was great, too--half of the fold was filled with powder, and legs were as good as the rush.--anonymous reader submission from NJ


These came from Newark,Nj.
The red bag is hard to read, (looks like they were running out of ink) but it says Hell on Earth and they're nothin' special. The blue ink is a skull and they were a little better.. I just sniff 'em so no rush rating.
Count was standard (6)
same rating for Legs (6)

Like I said, standard Newark product. I have few regular people I go to and usually it's good stuff/good price @ $6 bag so I can't complain 'bout that. Anyway, this is my 1st contribution w/ more to come.
--reader submission, thanks Broke & Tired from the Ridge


BUD LIGHT (Pittsburgh, PA)

King of.. D?
"BUD LIGHT (the same exact thing as BUD ICE) have been floating around. Overall, these are the best bags I've came across in a few years.."

--anonymous reader submission from Pittsburgh, PA

NOTE FROM JYNXIE: This contributor also mentioned the rash of OD's occurring over the last couple months in his city and surrounding areas. possibly commensurate with the presence of Fentanyl in the dope. It is not clear whether this BUD LIGHT/ICE stamp is related to any of these ODs, or contains actual fentanyl or other adulterants but we urge you to EXCERCISE CAUTION and GO SLOW if you encounter it.. Particularly if you are an IV and/or recreational user with a lighter tolerance!


100% Puro/OMG (Pittsburgh, PA)

100% PURO
RUSH - 9

RUSH - 6
LEGS - 6

"I came across these along my adventure today, during the snowstorm. Definitely not the best, but it'll get you off sick!"

--reader submission from CASH$$$ in Pittsburgh, PA


Worldwide and High Octane from Williamsburg, BK
"This guy always has these two stamps and they are always consistently good. I rate everything based on these because, IMO, they are the best that I have gotten. Plus, the size is always really good and consistent. These are the only bags I have gotten that actually weigh out to 0.1g"

R: N/A (snorted)
L: 8
C: 10

8 overall (for both)
(ed note: looks like there are a couple versions of WORLDWIDE floating around.. this one looks like the oldschool version first reviewed back in '09.)
"Dream Chaser" from Trenton, NJ
"Was pleasantly surprised by this because the last stamp I got from this guy was crap (Rich Gang, which I see has good reviews on here but I was not impressed..) Anyway, 3 bags had me nodding hard and puking out the window of my boy's car, which hasn't happened in a while so needless to say I was very impressed.. Would put it at an 8 overall. 

R: N/A (snorted)
--anonymous reader submission via Brooklyn and Trenton, NJ (I hope, at the very least, you offered to hose down the passenger side door of your boy's car when you got home!?--xJynxie)


"First review on the site. (WORLDWIDE) is around Flatbush (and has been) for about two years now. I've been on dope for ten years and I had my first OD a week ago on this stamp. I normally do 6-bag shots but I do 3 of these and I'm good until nighttime. Dope went from a dark brown to almost a yellowish. Fire."

--anonymous reader submission from Brooklyn, I'm glad you are alright, OP!

PLEASE REMEMBER: Even if you are an experienced user, it's ALWAYS smart to ***DO A TEST SHOT!*** You may have used the same stamp safely in the past, but you never know how a new batch or cut will affect you!

Eve's Brooklyn Winter 2014 breakdown- Focus, Empire, Jungle Killer

Hey folks, Eve here - as we speak, a major storm is moving into my lovely city of Brooklyn - but my attention is on that other white powder, bringing you the scoop on what's been heading my way (and through my veins) lately. However, as a quick aside, I'd like to mention the attention dope has been getting (and this blog) in the wake of Philip Seymour Hoffman's overdose. It seems I can't turn on the TV without hearing the same sad stereotypes, and it's tragic to me that the public perception of users hasn't changed much since then 80's; people seem to think junkies have zero common sense and are bound to kill ourselves. Harm reduction is important people, and remember - you can always do more, but you can never do less. Anyway, sorry for the digression, onto the reviews:


  I really dig the art work on this, the stamp is really clear. Otherwise, this is mediocre trap house dope, like the difference between a generic corner slice of pizza (which this is) vs. a gourmet pie. I'd give it a 5/10.


I like the double entendre here with the empire state building. However this stuff is pretty poor quality, probably a 4.5/10, and the count is definitely a little low.

Jungle Killer

The artwork on this stuff is definitely superb, and really clean and crisp, though I feel like there is a reference here I don't get, if anyone does, please enlighten me. I'd rate this stuff a little better, at a 6/10, but it's a little grainy for my taste which usually signifies a poor quality cut and the rush is really minimal. Average gear that will keep you from getting sick but not much else.

Anyway, that's it for now, I hope you guys are doing well, and as always, you can hit me up at eveandthesnake@gmail.com. Happy shooting/sniffing and stay safe!


OPEN/Lights Out (2)

"Hello all! After reading this blog for quite sometime, I am making my first submissions. These stamps come from my neighborhood in southwest Harlem. a.k.a. Morningside Heights in the 212."
Stamp: OPEN
Copped In: Harlem
Date: Feb. 2014. Currently in circulation.
Count: 5
Rush: 4
Legs: 5
"The first stamp "Open" has been floating around uptown just recently and is from a mill in The Bronx. The stamp is in red ink with the word "Open". The same as you'd find on a neon Open sign in the storefront of your local corner bodega. Although nothing fancy in font or design, and printed in faded red ink, I have to say it's a clever stamp. Open for what? The dopeman is now open for business? Or...'open the bag'? You choose!

The dope in "Open" is a nice light tan color. It mixes up to a darkish but clear tea color with zero cut or residue left behind in the cooker. Count is a 5 not being fat or skimpy but pretty consistent at weight coming in right on the money at a point.
Rush comes in at a 4 with an immediate warmth and taste, but not too intense and short lasting. Nod was also slim to none. I used to sniff in my early days as well and can assume that the rush probably comes on very similar: Not too intense and short lasting. Legs are a 5 for this one. It might hold you for a solid 8 hours before getting sick or having to do another hit.
"Open" gets average marks and will do fine as a second choice or an alternative go to."
Copped In: Harlem
Date: Feb 2014. Currently in circulation.
Count: 7
Rush: 7
Legs: 7
"The second stamp is "Lights Out". Another clever stamp from uptown.  Also very new and currently in circulation uptown in Harlem. These boys had the same stamp last year which was absolute fire! And this year, it's the same case.
The dope in "Lights Out" is a greyish color. It mixes up to a darkish but clear tea color with zero cut or residue left in the cooker. Count comes in at a 7 never skimpy and very consistent at weight. Rush comes in at a 7 with immediate intense warmth and awesome taste. Very nice nod with this one. Legs are a 7 as well. 7's across the board for "Lights Out".

Very solid, decent, reliable dope and currently my daily first choice and primary go to. Cheers and Be Safe!"
--reader submission from Tae in Harlem, Thanks!!


"I think this stuff is good but the low weight makes it lose points. OK but I wouldn't recommend it."
C: 3
R: 7
L: 5
--anonymous reader submission from NYC/NJ, thanks!

Pittsburgh v/a SteelMonkey/USA/007/Bugatti/NETFLIX

"I've been keeping up with your blog for probably the past 6-9 months now. I love seeing all the different stamps you get and reading the reviews--it's pretty legit! We've come across the same stamps a few times which is crazy because I cop in the Ford City/Pittsburgh area. Anyways here's a few stamps I've picked up the past few months."
 Steel Monkey was amazing! Fat an fire as fuck 7.5/10
USA not too bad, not as good as the monkeys though still a solid 5/10.
007 eh, same dope as the USA's 5/10.
"NETFLIX were Grade Fuckin A for sure. Count wasn't great but it also wasn't bad so 7.5/10. As for the Bugatti, (the stamp was ugly and smeared) the quality was good. Possibly the same dope as Netflix so still a 7/10."
--Anonymous reader submission from Pittsburgh, PA. 

KILL BILL (Pittsburgh, PA)

KILL BILL (Pittsburgh)
Rush - 8
Count - 9
Legs - 8

--reader submission from Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks CASH$$$