R: 3
C: 10
L: 1

This stuff blows. I think I've had it before without a branding. Lots of powder but very weak. Didn't even catch a nod off a bag and I have little to no tolerance. (Editors note: Isn't the name of the heroin in American Gangster? Am I wrong about this?)

-- Reader submission from P. Thanks P!

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Anonymous said...

Yup your right eve. And the dudes name was frank Lucas. Iv been seeing bags named after him all around NJ recently. It's crazy fire out here mang.

Anonymous said...

Remember the size of those glassines in that movie? They were freaking huge! Must've been 8-ball stamps or something. Way better than these 30mg things always going around.

-Mr. B

Anonymous said...

Blue magic and Frank Lucas have also been going around in NC. But they are the regular wax bags not blue color.