"I copped these off a friend of mine because there was nothing else around that day. I had heard of these before and I had tried the first incarnation of these of the same name, but they were nothing special. I didn't have high hopes for these and I still don't haha. The solution dissolves into a clear light yellow almost golden liquid, and it requires cooking. I am a believer in cooking all gear regardless, but for this its a must. After drawing it up, there is some what looks like salt still left in the spoon. Not much but you can definitely see it. The rush is below average. One time I made a 15-bagger-dagger in hopes that I would grab descent rush, but it was the same. The rush is the same regardless of if you shoot 5 or 15. I did get a nod going and it came with the typical nod-life of wake up, nod. Wake up, nod. Get drink, smoke cigarette, nod. The price was average and in all, I would buy these again if there wasn't  anything else around. They don't last a very long time, but about 5 hrs.

L: 5; 
C: 6 about average. 
I'm a dangerous person when it comes to this kind of dope. I want my head to explode when I do it."

--reader submission from PA (thanks L!)


Anonymous said...

Yo man i'm in york too, i've been coppin these for like the last 3 weeks.
They're the most reliable shits i can find, they cost more than i'd like them to but since they started poppin everyone i cant get good bags as easy as i could.
My guy told me these are from the same people as the redsox bags that went around like a few months ago.
Only stamps i can find around here are these and murders and the murders aint shit, these are better than the murders.
but damn son how the FUCK you do 15 at a time? i need like 4 of these to get good, maybe 5 to get me real fucked.
Jinxie if you want you can post some of my pics of these bags??? Idk how to get at you lol i'm surprised as shit theres someone from York putting their shits on here
heres some of the pics i've got from these shits, you can see how full they are and shit in my pics so maybe you could put em with this report?
Heres the pics i've got from the last few weeks with these same bags. You can see like how full they are in my pics and i got a pic of 3 or 4 in the works, idk.
Happy as shit to see York bags on here for real.
lot of blue blank bags goin around york city atm and they vary in quality from pretty good (for around here) to shitty.

Anonymous said...

theres the pics i've got from these bags.
Is price discussion allowed?
cause i have to pay more than i'd like to get these shits, but the price isnt THAT bad and they're the most consistent shits i can get right now.
Jinxie i'll start postin up reports if i find anything else around here. Good to see another york head on here.