This famous EMPIRE/SKULLS latest reincarnation that retains original material top quality.
Great beige fine powder with little vinegar odor that mixes cold into clear urine (my friend compare it to) colored solution.
 Perfect on all angles if only for infamous dealer's wait times...this steady for months
 stuff would have been my #1 choice always !

rush  8
count 7
legs  7

UPDATE!!! As of November 2012 those fell off and now are really mediocre quality bags. Sad but true. 


Anonymous said...

Sucks for you, I get this shit & dudes totally on time.

Anonymous said...

what area/ is this a bushwick stamp? curtainlifter is there a way to holler?

curtainlifter said...

As of about week ago this stuff totally fell off.
It is not as dark and much, much weaker!!! It is no longer worth the wait (even though the dude is now more or less on time), sad because this stuff been consistent for years and now it is mediocre crap...

Anonymous said...

Totally disagree curtainlifter. This stuff is ALWAYS good. Never drops below good quality and often is excellent. To call it crap is just sounds like you have other motives. Are you letting your feelings about the dealer interfere with your ratings? Granted the guys a douche, but the product is always good.

Either way, HELLBOY is best in WBurg/Bush and has been for months.