LV (Louis Vuitton)--update

Legs: 6

Rush: 7
Count: 7

"The (original) stamped Louis Vuitton's are no more---instead, they've been replaced with a white glassine bag and white tape- the logo appears to be printed on the tape. Not quite as good as the older stamped Vuittons.."

--anonymous reader submission from Brooklyn

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to post an update about these (i am the original submitter of these LV images).

These bags with this packaging are still going very strong in bushwick. Quality has been a good solid 7, even 8 at times. Right now it is about a 6.5 because it has a slight bit of that nasty cut that everyone knows (especially smokers.. you can taste it a mile away). This has been consistent quality for almost 6 months now. Only in the last 2 weeks has it dropped below a 7. I have many stamps posted on this site and this one has been the consistent for me. It also comes from my best dealer who makes sure his product is quality (he lets me test it each time he gets a fresh batch and generally it is the exact same quality/material as previous but not always.. but always good quality). FYI get it if you can. (not available open air.. as far as i know.)