"Been getting this stamp for about a month and a half now and have not been disappointed at all. This dealer never lets me down and if I want to be sure to be getting some good gear I go to him. Also (he) does singles and half buns, too, so that's always great. This batch/stamp is hands down worth the money. Great rush every time and gives awesome legs. The count could be a li'l better, though but its not bad."
Legs - 7
"I've been getting these bags now for the past week and a half and like usual (from this connect), it's pretty much garbage and only good enough to keep me sane and feeling normal. Forget about trying to nod or getting any type of rush from this shit (which im sure is probably impossible) The only thing that has me buying stuff off this dealer is the low price (bundles go for $35) You can't beat that, haha." ed note: Or can you..?! :p
Rush -3 
Count - 5

--submission from reader in New Brunswick, NJ


Lil_Ant said...

I feel your pain haha, I've been getting the "Playboy" and
"Blueprint 3" bags (which in my opinion are the same d0pe) for bout a month and a half now. Pisses me off, my dude always says he got new shit that's wayyyy better and I drive 2 hrs to get there an end up getting stuck with a couple bricks of shit. Anyways ladies an gents, I suggest you don't waste your money on this junk (Playboy or Blueprint 3) unless you literally can't get anything else, it'll take away your sickness but that's about it..

starR said...

lol, ^^^^ your connect is always going to tell you that he has "fire".... but in reality, they just that whether it is or isn't. They don't know. haha. It is what it is....In my personal opinion, if your connect continuously has BS stuff, you should find another connect. Just my two cents. :)

Anonymous said...

Playboy, Superman, and Brain Freeze in New Brunswick all seem like the same. My source said they just use whatever stamper but its all the same product.
I got one stamp in New Brunswick that was better called Insidious. (It has a witch on a broom stick).